• Back to School: Where to Buy Safe, Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer for Your Students

    Our 2 oz. hand sanitizers are perfect for little hands and small enough to be taken anywhere. You can pass out a bottle to each one of your students and instruct them to keep it at their desk, or allow it to take it to their classes with them. You can also keep a basket of hand sanitizer bottles at your desk and invite your students to take one whenever they need to. Our gel is safe and non-toxic, and contains no harsh chemicals that might burn or irritate your students' skin. In fact, our products are supplemented with glycerin to moisturize your hands and keep them soft and smooth. The gel dries quickly, so no sticky hands! It's the perfect supplement to your students' normal hand-washing routine.

  • Where Can I Buy School-Approved Sanitizing and Disinfecting Products?

    When you buy from TotallyPure, you're getting a product that both meets and exceeds the local and federal requirements. Our liquid hand sanitizer contains over 80% alcohol--that's over 20% the recommended guidelines. This product is so potent that it's used in hospitals and medical offices across the country. In fact, TotallyPure Liquid Hand Sanitizer was originally developed for use in the medical field. And in these uncertain times, we're proud to offer it to a wide range of customers, particularly schools that are populated with vulnerable students.

  • TotallyPure for Medical Offices: Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizer Supplier

    Medical facilities should also use extra-strong hand sanitizer that is ideal for hospital use. Hospital-specific sanitizers are much more concentrated as compared to conventional sanitizers. TotallyPure supplies various institutions with medical office supplies that include wholesale hospital grade hand sanitizer.

    The hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers are dedicated to promoting safety and fighting covid-19 by ensuring that all hospitals and medical offices receive adequate supplies of hand sanitizers. Bulk hand sanitizer suppliers sell most of their products on wholesale price, which means that large medical institutions can save money by purchasing from TotallyPure.

  • What's the Best Industrial-Strength Hand Sanitizer on the Market Today?

    Before the pandemic, TotallyPure was mainly used in hospitals and doctor's offices. In these uncertain times, we've decided to start selling our products to commercial businesses. Over the years, we've developed a reputation among healthcare professionals as one of the best hand sanitizer manufacturers in the business. We can't guarantee anything regarding the virus, but we're confident that we can help keep you and your employees safe. And once you've started working with us, we think you'll maintain a relationship with us long after the virus is gone.

  • Where Can I Buy Mini Hand Sanitizers in Bulk?

    Unlike other products, TotallyPure's 2 oz hand sanitizer contains 80% alcohol, meeting the WHO's recommended guidelines for hand sanitizer products. Our hand sanitizer is so effective that it's regularly used in hospitals, ambulances, and doctor's offices. Our products are cool, moisturizing, and have a mild, pleasant fragrance. You can choose the gel option for a more tactile experience, or the spray if you want to avoid having sticky hands.

    Normally our products are made for hospitals and first responders, but in these uncertain times, we've started offering our products to the public as well. When you use TotallyPure, you can rest assured knowing you're using a product that either meets or exceeds the WHO and CDC's guidelines.

  • Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer for Restaurants?

    While the CDC recommends hand washing as the best way to maintain proper hygiene, sometimes it’s not feasible for wait staff to do it as often as recommended. Also, many restaurant owners would prefer that patrons also sanitize their hands, yet it’s not possible to require them to wash up before being seated. A safe alternative that addresses these issues is to a high-quality hand sanitizer that will keep hands and surfaces germ free.

    Given that illness can quickly spread and cripple a business in the food-service industry, it behooves restaurant owners to train their staff to follow guidelines for disinfecting all surfaces and to make sure to use hand sanitizer generously as well as washing hands whenever possible. A commercial hand sanitizer is recommended.