TotallyPure for Medical Offices: Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Covid-19 has disrupted life and brought about changes that many people are finding hard to keep up with. To survive, people have been forced to adapt to new norms. Covid-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, China and is an infectious viral disease that attacks the respiratory system. Patients who suffer from Covid-19 have complained about difficulties in breathing as well as other flu like symptoms.

The respiration system is one of the essential systems in a human being. By attacking it, the viral disease has caused over half a million deaths globally. One of the simple steps that can help to curb the spread of Covid-19 is observing hygiene.

TotallyPure Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizer

The World Health Organization has issued an advisory urging people to clean their hands regularly to eliminate all viruses that they may have come into contact with. To kill the virus, people are encouraged to wash their hands using soap and running water. However, in areas that washing hands may not be possible, hand sanitizers should be applied.

WHO, alongside other major health bodies, such as the CDC, recommend the use of alcohol-based sanitizers. The organization recommends that hand sanitizers should have an alcohol content of at least 70%. This is because hand sanitizers with a lower concentration of alcohol have been found to be less effective in combating germs and viruses. TotallyPure hand sanitizers contain over 80% alcohol, thus making them highly effective in killing viruses.

How to use hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers provide a high level of protection when properly used. Before applying the sanitizer, one should ensure that his or her hands are clean. This helps to remove any debris that may prevent the sanitizer from reaching the germs. Certain materials such as dirt or grease may hinder the effectiveness of hand sanitizers.

After removing any debris from the hand, the sanitizer can now be applied. Apply a dime-size amount of sanitizer in one hand and rub the hands together thoroughly to cover all parts of the hands. Rub the hands together to ensure that the sanitizer covers all surfaces and is absorbed.

The following are five benefits of using hand sanitizers:

  • Less time is spent as compared to hand washing – washing hands takes more time since you have to apply the soap first, scrub the hands, and rinse them with water.
  • It acts quickly to eliminate microorganisms on the hands or surface. It can eliminate germs faster since it can be easily applied once you come into contact with a contaminated area
  • They are more accessible and portable – people can easily carry small sanitizer containers in their purses or pockets
  • Sanitizers cause less skin irritation as compared to soap and water –people with sensitive skin might react negatively to a soap wash
  • They help reduce bacteria count in the hands – sanitized hands have fewer bacteria count as compared to hands that have not been disinfected.

What is the best hand sanitizer for medical office?

Well, many medical office managers have asked this question, especially now that various nations are pushing to reopen slowly. Many medical offices are also eager to resume full operations to help with the fight against the pandemic.

It is essential that all organizations that are reopening follow the guidelines that have been put out by WHO and other relevant governmental bodies. Organizations must undertake measures such as stocking of COVID-19 cleaning essentials to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

Medical facilities should use exceptionally strong sanitizers since there is a high probability of the people in the premises coming into contact with hazardous materials. Note that medical institutions generally handle dangerous biohazard waste and materials.

If the institutions are not adequately monitored, small amounts of hazardous material may leak out. As such, all medical institutions should adopt above average measures to improve their handling of all biohazard materials. They should also take steps to improve sanitation and hygiene while in the facility.

Medical facilities should also use extra-strong hand sanitizer that is ideal for hospital use. Hospital-specific sanitizers are much more concentrated as compared to conventional sanitizers. TotallyPure supplies various institutions with medical office supplies that include wholesale hospital grade hand sanitizer.

The hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers are dedicated to promoting safety and fighting Covid-19 by ensuring that all hospitals and medical offices receive adequate supplies of hand sanitizers. Bulk hand sanitizer suppliers sell most of their products on wholesale price, which means that large medical institutions can save money by purchasing from TotallyPure.

Hospital hand sanitizer suppliers, such as TotallyPure, ensure the availability of quality hand sanitizers in all medical facilities. They do this by working round the clock to ensure that all deliveries are made on time.

Other measures that can help to keep infections low

Social distancing

Social distancing is one of the most crucial steps of keeping the virus curbed in public areas. While in public spaces, one should always be about six feet away from the next person. This will help all the parties to avoid contamination from bodily fluids such as saliva. Saliva is one of the mediums in which Covid-19 viruses are transferred.

Wear a facemask

People are also strongly encouraged to cover their faces with facemasks to prevent saliva and other body fluids from spreading out as they converse. All facilities should enforce strict policies on wearing of masks. Organizations such as medical offices should deny entry to persons that do not wear facemasks. This will help to keep the public safe and curb the spread of the virus.

Improve sanitation

Office and building administrators should ensure that they sanitize and clean various hallways and metal bars, especially those found in stairs. Many people lean on these metal bars as they climb up or down the stairs.

Sanitizing the metal bars and other surfaces with a strong sanitizer helps to kill any Covid-19 viruses that may have been transferred to the surface. The administrations should also ensure that they regularly clean areas that many people handle, such as lift buttons, door handles, and switches.

Finally, all organizations must restrict access to their facilities and set the maximum number of individuals that they allow in at one time. This will help to reinforce social distancing rules. Basic measures such as checking the temperature of incoming guests and staff could also help them to identify and help potentially infected persons.