Where Can I Buy Mini Hand Sanitizers in Bulk?

When the year first started back in January, you were probably making new year's resolutions, thinking about the events and concerts you would attend this summer, planning your yearly vacation, and talking with friends about meeting up at the local bar. And now, several months later, our entire world has changed. Hundreds of events across the country have been canceled. Restaurants have switched to pick-up only or closed the doors altogether. Major retailers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot have limited the number of shoppers in their stores. And you can forget about that European vacation you were planning, as travel to other countries has been banned in multiple areas.

In this unprecedented era of COVID-19, it's important to be prepared. There's no guarantee that you won't get the virus, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your family and keep it from spreading. You're probably familiar with the CDC's recommendations to wear a mask whenever you go out in public and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. A mask is great to prevent air transmission of the virus, but what if you accidentally touch an infected surface? What if you were in the presence of an infected person and there's no place to wash your hands?

That's where hand sanitizer comes in.

Where Can I Buy Bulk Mini Hand Sanitizer?

At TotallyPure, we sell three different options: the 2 oz. liquid hand sanitizer, the 2 oz. foam hand sanitizer, and the 2 oz. gel hand sanitizer. Each order comes with six bottles, making it easy for you to buy in bulk. Our products can be ordered with a few clicks of a mouse: simply choose your quantity (remember that one order = 6 bottles), give us your payment information, and place the order. Within days, you'll have a ready-to-use package of mini hand sanitizer bulk sitting right on your doorstep.

What are the Advantages of Buying TotallyPure Hand Sanitizer?

In today's world, there's a lot of bulk hand sanitizer mini floating around on the market. Some products might claim to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria--but before you make a purchase, look at the label. If the product has a low concentration of alcohol, it may not be effective in removing germs at all. It'll give you a false sense of security, which you might pay for dearly in the long run.

Unlike other products, TotallyPure's 2 oz hand sanitizer contains 80% alcohol, meeting the WHO's recommended guidelines for hand sanitizer products. Our hand sanitizer is so effective that it's regularly used in hospitals, ambulances, and doctor's offices. Our products are cool, moisturizing, and have a mild, pleasant fragrance. You can choose the gel option for a more tactile experience, or the spray if you want to avoid having sticky hands. Normally our products are made for hospitals and first responders, but in these uncertain times, we've started offering our products to the public as well. When you use TotallyPure, you can rest assured knowing you're using a product that either meets or exceeds the WHO and CDC's guidelines.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Mini Hand Sanitizer?

At first glance, buying miniature bottles might seem a bit pointless. Why not just buy one large bottle instead? But when you're looking to protect yourself and your family, there's several distinct advantages that come with buying the portable versions.

First of all, you can take our mini hand sanitizers just about anywhere. Can you imagine carrying a massive jug of hand sanitizer around in your car? A miniature bottle is the perfect size for you to tuck it in your purse, stick it on the car dashboard, or place it in your office workspace. It's also perfect for traveling (although you should avoid traveling if at all possible.)

Second, when you buy mini hand sanitizer in bulk, you'll always have back-ups waiting at home. Did you lose your bottle on the train during your commute? No problem--just grab another bottle from home and throw it in your bag. You can also stash different bottles in different areas (your house, car, office, etc.) so you'll never be without a stock of hand sanitizer.

And third, 2 oz hand sanitizer bulk is the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Distribute bottles to your kids and your spouse, pass them out to your co-workers, and hand them out to your friends--while still social distancing, of course! Everyone could use a little extra protection, particularly your relatives who might be sick or vulnerable.

What are the Advantages of Buying in Bulk?

By buying in bulk, you'll save money on products that you were going to buy anyway. Instead of buying several individual bottles one-by-one, you'll just have one flat rate plus the shipping. Buying in bulk also makes it easier for you to stock up so you'll always have a stash waiting at your house.