Where Can I Buy School-Approved Sanitizing and Disinfecting Products?

As you get ready for the upcoming school year, providing a safe learning environment for your students is one of your biggest priorities. And in these unprecedented times, many schools are scrambling to figure out how to stop COVID-19 from spreading in their own classrooms. Possible solutions include switching to a virtual learning environment, limiting the number of class sizes, and sending the kids home from school early. But some school districts have already mandated that the kids spend the entire day in the classroom. And when you've got students in the building every day, there's only one way to keep them safe: sanitizing the school from top to bottom.

Of course, school sanitizing is no easy feat. You've got to disinfect every surface in the building, particularly high-touch surfaces like desks and cafeteria tables. The classrooms, playground, school buses, cafeteria, and teacher areas all have to be wiped down. Cleaning an entire school can take hours or even days--and the next morning, the students are back to potentially infect the building again. And to make matters more complicated, you might not be able to use the jugs of cleaning supplies that are sitting in the janitor's closet. To keep your students safe, you need approved school cleaning products that meet the CDC's requirements for killing the COVID-19 virus.

Keeping your students safe from the virus this year is going to be a massive undertaking. Fortunately, at TotallyPure, we sell the specialized cleaning products that you need to keep your school a healthy, germ-free environment.

What Kind of Hand Sanitizer Do I Need to Sanitize My School?

Your local health department has probably sent out their recommendations to teachers for sanitizing school areas, although the requirements might vary depending on your location. In general, most health departments recommend using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol. According to the CDC, any hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol will be effective in killing the coronavirus. There are a lot of products on the market, but be wary--no matter what the brand claims, anything that contains less than 60% alcohol won't be effective at protecting you from the virus.

When you buy from TotallyPure, you're getting a product that both meets and exceeds the local and federal requirements. Our liquid hand sanitizer contains over 80% alcohol--that's over 20% the recommended guidelines. This product is so potent that it's used in hospitals and medical offices across the country. In fact, TotallyPure Liquid Hand Sanitizer was originally developed for use in the medical field. And in these uncertain times, we're proud to offer it to a wide range of customers, particularly schools that are populated with vulnerable students.

Which Type of Hand Sanitizer is the Best: Liquid, Gel, or Foam?

At TotallyPure, we sell three types of hand sanitizer in bulk jugs: liquid, gel, and foam. Liquid hand sanitizer is a fluid that's ideal for cleaning large surfaces. Gel hand sanitizer is typically what you find in squirt bottles for daily use: a thick gel that goes on easily and dries quickly. Foam hand sanitizer produces a white foam that gives users that "freshly scrubbed clean" feeling, making it ideal for bathrooms.

To clean an entire school, liquid hand sanitizer is the best product to use. It pours out easily and covers large surfaces, and can be dried and wiped up quickly. You can attach a dispenser for cleaning small areas or simply pour it right out of the bottle. Our liquid hand sanitizer can be used just about anywhere, whether you're wiping down the cafeteria or sanitizing a school bus. The product is strong enough to kill germs, but gentle enough that it won't leave your skin dry and cracked. Our liquid hand sanitizer is infused with a moisturizer to keep your hands smooth and nourished while you work.

Our liquid hand sanitizer also dries quickly, so you won't have to worry about puddles or moist areas. You can use it without gloves, as it contains no corrosives or harsh chemicals. The product has a mild scent that won't linger in the air.

Which Areas of the School Need to Be Sanitized?

When you get to work, focus on the most "high traffic" areas first--in other words, everything that gets touched frequently. This includes the most obvious areas like desks, lockers, cafeteria tables, and restrooms. This also includes utilities like light switches and door handles. Don't forget to clean the teachers' desk area, particularly the phone, keyboard, and whiteboard. If it gets touched, wipe it down.

School buses are also a high priority, as germs can travel quickly in a small, enclosed environment. Playground equipment should also be cleaned regularly--while it might be located outside, that doesn't mean that germs can't linger on the surface. The teachers' lounge should receive a deep cleaning, as teachers and staff can spread the virus just as easily as students. If possible, specialty rooms like the art room and gymnasium should be sanitized between classes.

You should also sanitize supplies that are used by the entire class, including books, markers, pencils, toys, tissue boxes, and more. While they might not be used as frequently, studies have shown that the coronavirus can linger on surfaces for hours or even days at a time.

How Can I Order High-Quality Cleaning Supplies?

At TotallyPure, we've made it fast and easy to get all the supplies that your school needs to be sanitized. Simply add the items to your online cart, hit the "Checkout" button, fill out your information, and we'll have the products on your doorstep in two weeks or less. Shipping may be delayed slightly due to the pandemic, but we don't underestimate how important it is to get these supplies as quickly as possible. We'll ship out your products at the first possible opportunity so you can get your school sanitized and ready for students to arrive.

We offer both individual gallon jugs of hand sanitizer, as well as four-pack jugs with special bulk prices. If you're going to be cleaning an entire school, consider buying in bulk so you can save money and get the product more quickly. We also have special wholesale options for buyers who sign for our wholesale program.