Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer for Restaurants?

New Realities for Restaurants

When Covid-19 first emerged in 2020, many countries including the United States instituted various degrees of lockdown to try and contain the virus. These measures were particularly hard for the food service industry since, out of necessity, public gatherings were curtailed. Therefore, businesses that catered to crowds of people were shuttered.

In recent weeks, our country has finally begun to emerge, yet safety measures must still be stringently followed as we are not out of the water yet. In fact, as the country has been re-opening, in some regions we’ve seen a resurgence of infections. In some cases, this has halted the reopening of bars and restaurants or caused a reversal as rules have had to be tightened again.

Where restaurants have been able to reopen, owners and staff must deal with the new normal. This includes make sure all staff wear PPE such as face masks and, where necessary, gloves. Social distance must be maintained. Patrons are asked to stand at least 6 feet apart while waiting in line and seating is only being allowed at a limited number of tables. Some restaurants are still not allowing in-person dining, or only allowing it in outdoor patio areas. Finally, food service workers have been retrained to sanitize their hands even more diligently than normal.

While the CDC recommends hand washing as the best way to maintain proper hygiene, sometimes it’s not feasible for wait staff to do it as often as recommended. Also, many restaurant owners would prefer that patrons also sanitize their hands, yet it’s not possible to require them to wash up before being seated. A safe alternative that addresses these issues is to a high-quality hand sanitizer that will keep hands and surfaces germ free.

Given that illness can quickly spread and cripple a business in the food-service industry, it behooves restaurant owners to train their staff to follow guidelines for disinfecting all surfaces and to make sure to use hand sanitizer generously as well as washing hands whenever possible. A commercial hand sanitizer is recommended.

Some facts about hand sanitizers

While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does recommend handwashing as the preferable means of arresting the spread of Covid-19, its guidelines indicate that hand-sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol are a good alternative.

There are three types of hand-sanitizer that are generally available – liquid, gel and foam. Some users prefer the foam variety since it feels stickier, while many in the food service industry prefer a gel hand sanitizer for restaurants as it’s typically the best value. However, all three types are equally effective as long as they have a high enough alcohol contact.

Unfortunately, while sanitizers with this much alcohol are effective at killing germs, they are also likely to dry out skin when use frequently. To combat this, many brands feature moisturizers or are hypoallergenic so as to not adversely affect skin.

To use hand sanitizer restaurants often provide automatic dispensers. This allows both food service workers and customers to put a measured amount into their palms. They can then gently rub their hands for 20 seconds. This ensures that all surfaces are covered and that the product has dried.

Where to source commercial grade hand sanitizer

Unfortunately, given the increased demand for hand sanitizers, many facilities that normally source bulk hand sanitizer for restaurants are sold out, as are local stores. If you can’t find acceptable products where you’d normally shop, consider ordering from Totally Pure.

When you order from Totally Pure, you can be assured that our products meet or exceed all CDC, WHO and FDA guidelines. For example, while the CDC requires at least a 60% alcohol content, Totally Pure products contain 80% alcohol. They also contain glycerin to moisturize your skin. Best of all, a gallon jar is available for less than $50, or you can buy four gallons for just $179.99.

Protecting hand sanitizer from theft and contaminants

Due to the difficulty in finding hand sanitizer in stores, there is a worry that customers may try to remove refills from dispensers. To remove this concern, as well as to prevent possible contamination, make sure to use a dispenser that can be locked.

Totally Pure provides options for refilling such dispensers as well as many bulk buying options. If you have questions or concerns, please contact them for more information.