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6 x 2 oz. Liquid Sanitizer Spray

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* White Citrus Scent*

During the current pandemic, both the CDC and WHO have emphasized the importance of hand hygiene. Alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) provide a simple, effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens. While the FDA allows either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to be used, CDC guidelines state that at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol is necessary. The WHO requires at least 80% alcohol.

While each type of sanitizer (liquid, gel and foam) is effective, liquid sanitizers have the advantage of drying very quickly.

TotallyPure liquid sanitizers are hospital-grade product that meet or exceed CDC and WHO guidelines. They are proudly produced in the United States in accordance with all FDA regulations. They contain at least 80% alcohol and use USP grade glycerin as a moisturizer. They also have a mild, pleasant fragrance.

Created to meet the high demand for liquid sanitizer during the Coronavirus outbreak, our liquid sanitizers are targeted towards first responders and health care professionals who need to order in bulk. However, we have made our products available for both commercial and consumer orders as well.

Our products are:

  • Effective for first responders and hospitals
  • Suitable for consumer and commercial use
  • Compliant with all CDC, WHO and FDA guidelines
  • Use glycerin as a moisturizer
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive and water soluble
  • To the best of our knowledge, California Prop 65 compliant

These refillable 2-ounce liquid spray bottles are perfect for consumer applications as well as in commercial settings. They can easily fit on a countertop or desk.